What Does the WPBA Do?

We are Wisconsin business people committed to the idea that the purpose of business is to create value, provide opportunities, and serve our communities. Past generations of Wisconsin business leaders invested in an economic model that valued the contributions of workers, cared for working families, and was concerned about human health. Our current generation of business leaders has emphasized concepts of ecological sustainability, clean technology, and fair trade pricing.

Yet today Wisconsin faces efforts to take our economy in the opposite direction. Some who claim to speak for Wisconsin business are working to dismantle public services, undermine public schools and colleges, block ecological technologies, and ending a century of labor peace. These attacks --on the ability of regular people to pay their bills, receive quality housing and health care, get to work, obtain education and childcare, and enjoy a high quality of life-- not only hurt our friends, families, and neighbors, but also threaten Wisconsin's business climate.

As opposed to Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and its local Chamber of Commerce affiliates, which mostly represent the narrow interests of major corporations, we advocate for policies that promote a positive business climate that values our communities and kids.